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Areas of Practice

Our Specializations

Medical Malpractice Defense


The attorneys at Dunn and Dunn provide counsel and representation to health care professionals and institutions throughout the Commonwealth, representing both the personal and professional interests of their clients prior to and during all stages of litigation.


We provide advice and counsel to individual medical professionals, including but not limited to physicians, dentists, nurses, aides, and mental health workers, as well as physician practices ranging in size from sole proprietorships to group practices to professional corporations.


We have provided successful representation to our health care clients in a wide variety of matters, including but not limited to claims alleging medical malpractice, negligence, failure to obtain informed consent, breach of contract, and wrongful death.

Long Term Care Defense


As Massachusetts counsel for one of the largest long term care and rehabilitation providers in the Commonwealth, Dunn & Dunn has extensive experience representing nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospice and rehabilitation facilities, as well as their employees in a broad array of legal matters. We have successfully defended long term care providers in all phases of malpractice litigation, including at mediation, arbitration and trial. Our attorneys have represented long term care providers in actions involving vendor contracts, as well as premises liability. Given the unprecedented federal and state regulations governing long term care providers, we are routinely asked to consult on a variety on risk management issues.


Our attorneys frequently participate in conferences and seminars across the country focused on long term care defense. Members of our firm have been invited to speak at continuing legal education courses and nursing home litigation conferences to share their expertise in this growing and complex area of the law.

General Liability Defense

Dunn and Dunn offers a broad range of civil litigation general liability defense services, with an emphasis on achieving effective, cost-efficient and swift resolutions for our clients. We have successfully defended institutions and individuals in a wide variety of civil matters, from premises liability, slip and fall, motor-vehicle accident, and breach of contract actions. We also have extensive experience litigating cases under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, which can apply to many commercial transactions. Our strength in the area of civil litigation is the breadth of our experience, having handled countless cases involving personal injury and property damage.

Criminal Defense


The attorneys at Dunn and Dunn also have years of experience in criminal proceedings at a variety of state and federal venues. Our attorneys have vast experience from the arraignment stage through trial, and can assist clients seeking to seal a prior record of court appearances or convictions.


Our goal is to assist our clients by strongly advocating on their behalf in a variety of criminal proceedings, including but not limited to:

  • OUI
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Assault & Battery
  • Drug offenses
  • Property crimes such as larceny, robbery and burglary 
  • Motor vehicle infractions, and
  • Obtaining restraining orders

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